You’ve found it...the million-dollar room with the million-dollar sound. From the 23-foot high ceilings, to the spacious control room, you know you are in a special place. Producers love the great sound that comes out of this studio and we know that you will too.


•Whether you are tracking drums, recording a string section, or getting that perfect vocal take, everything sounds great at Blue Frog. The studio was designed for optimal acoustics by the legendary John Vrtacic and David Hayes. At 1400 square feet, our recording room is one of the largest on the west coast.

•The 23-foot high ceiling is an integral part of the room acoustics. It will also accomodate camera cranes and other related equipment.

•The 35 foot wide performance stage is one of the largest stages in the city and can easily accommodate every project from a solo artist to an 80-piece symphony orchestra. We also love tracking drums on it.

• Blue Frog Studios is full of natural light, with east and west facing windows.  Shutters are available for complete room blackout for video or photo shoots.

• There are five separate air conditioning units for optimal comfort and acoustical control.

• Chill out in our comfortable, relaxing Lounge, with a complete open sky light ceiling. Fully equipped with Wireless Internet, HD T.V., DVD player, and full kitchen facilities.

• Private, secure enclosed parking for up to 10 cars, with easy load-in and load-out. Also, we are setup with conduit to outside for remote truck connectivity.

• You are a short stroll to the Pacific Ocean and many renowned restaurants along the waterfront.  Spectacular sunsets or refreshing walks on the pier can be a part of any day.

• The Canada-US border crossing is a short 5-minute drive and the Vancouver International airport is a convenient 25 minutes away.

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More Than A Recording Studio


• Video and Film location shoots

• Music Videos

• Showcase and Intimate Concerts

• Video Streaming Concerts

• Photo Shoots

• Live Show Production

• Instructional Videos, Web Training

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