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Thursday, Sept.29 | Doors 7pm | 8pm

Friday, Sept.30 | Doors 7pm | 8pm


In 1978 Darby Mills embarked on a 38-year journey of epic proportions becoming one of Canada’s iconic female rock vocalists and the voice of the “Headpins”. They released their debut album Turn It Loud in 1982, which quickly went double platinum and topped the charts for six weeks, with the hit singles "Don't It Make Ya Feel [ Dancin], “People” and “Turn It Loud". Their second release, Line of Fire, was another multi-platinum success, and included the hits "Just One More Time", and "Feel It (Feel My Body)", and in 1984 they released their 3rd and final recording Head Over Heels including the singles ”Staying all Night” and “Be With You”. The band toured with the likes of ZZ TOP, Whitesnake, Richy Blackmore, Pat Travers, Eddie Money, Kiss, Vince Neill, Loverboy, Brian Adams, Quiet Riot, and so many others.

In 1991 Mills inked a solo deal with Warner Music and released Never Look Back which Included the singles “Cry to me” and “Hot Water” For her efforts she was honored with a Juno nomination and then embarked on her own Canadian tour and follow up tour with fellow Canadian, Metal Queen “Lee Aaron.”

TODAY, like a glass of finely matured red wine, a group of dedicated die-hard 80’s Rock’n’Roll band mates, Darby has ventured back to her passion. Bringing back to life “Flying Solo”, the title of her re-released collection of solo material.

Come enjoy her story, and journey through the years along with the some classics that will take you back in time, originals bringing you to the present and memories to hold for the future!

Darby Mills – “Flying Solo”– Don't stop keeping on!

Opening this show will be very special guest Kirsten Nash (R&B Allstars, Long John Baldry, etc).

Thursday Sept 29, 8pm SHOW

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Friday Sept 30, 8pm SHOW - SOLD OUT

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Saturday, Oct.1, | Doors 6pm | Music 7pm


Tri-Continental is a collaborative evolution that fuses the talents of three wonderful guitar-players, singers and songwriters. There are no musical boundaries present in this one-of-a-kind blues/folk/world music mélange.

Bill Bourne, Lester Quitzau and Madagascar Slim present a truly unique and critically acclaimed sound that is a great success in terms of soulfulness and presence, intensity and atmosphere.

Bourne, Quitzau and Slim are in their own rights well-recognized and respected artists with successful solo careers. They are indeed major players in the Canadian roots music scene who have individually and collectively received 4 Juno awards and 10 nominations. Together as Tri-Continental, something very special and magical happens with the grand improviser, the kidnapper of the blues, and the inventor and promoter of the new universal sound.

Tri-Continental is an engagement between artists and friends built on artistic respect and a deep passion for, and knowledge of the blues. This is clearly evident in the music they create, where the sharing and curiosity has led them on a fascinating musical exploration resulting in a beautiful, infectious sound where blues, world, Celtic, folk, flamenco and African rhythms fuse into one. Accentuated by their sweet vocal harmonies and imaginative guitar playing, Tri-Continental's global blues and roots music is a testament to faith, dreams, talent and, most of all, friendship.


Saturday Oct 1, 7pm SHOW

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Wednesday, Oct.5, 2016 | Doors 6pm | Music 7pm

Thursday, Oct.6, 2016 | Doors 6pm | Music 7pm

Thursday, Oct.6, 2016 | Doors 845pm | Music 915pm


A Tribute to ELTON JOHN & BILLY JOEL Featuring Ryan Langevin

Honing his craft with more than ten years as a professional performer, Ryan Langevin brings new life to such ELTON JOHN classics as “Saturday Night”, “Pinball Wizard”, “Tiny Dancer”, “Daniel”, “Rocket Man”, “Crocodile Rock”, “Bennie And The Jets”, “I’m Still Standing” and “Candle in the Wind”.

He also brings down the house with BILLY JOEL’s “My Life”, “You May be Right”, “Tell Her About It”, “Don’t Ask Me Why”, “She’s Always a Woman”, “Uptown Girl”, “Only The Good Die Young”, “It’s Still Rock n Roll”, “We Didn’t Start The Fire” and the immortal “Piano Man”.

From his youth Ryan Langevin has had a passion for the music of ELTON JOHN & BILLY JOEL, inspiring the phenomenon he is today. With a music degree and more than a decade spent teaching piano and voice coupled with his experience in groups spanning the spectrum of genres, Ryan Langevin has developed the vocals and skills to impress audiences. THE PIANO MAN – a Tribute to ELTON JOHN & BILLY JOEL, featuring Ryan Langevin is a must-see show. Where else can you see the two gods of rock piano on the same stage?

Wednesday Oct 5, 7pm SHOW

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Thursday Oct 6, 7pm SHOW - SOLD OUT

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Thursday Oct 6, 915pm SHOW - SOLD OUT

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Friday, Oct.7 | Doors 7pm | Music 8pm

Saturday, Oct.8 | Doors 7pm | Music 8pm



In 1977, Jerry Doucette's first album, 'MAMA LET HIM PLAY', quickly went PLATINUM in Canada; he hit the road in the US, opening for the likes of Bob Welch, Bob Weir (of the Grateful Dead), Eddie Money, and Meat Loaf. In 1979 'THE DOUCE IS LOOSE', spawned the Canadian hit "NOBODY" and helped the album to ship gold and saw him cross the continent twice touring with the Doobie Brothers, Beach Boys and the Atlanta Rhythm Section.

Jerry is still teaching us about the PASSION of music and you can catch him with his all-star crew…

  • AL WALKER – Guitar
  • MARCO IBARRA – Drums
  • KEN BOYCHUCK – Keyboards
  • …proving it again each time he hits the stage that he hasn't lost his edge, delivering clean melodies and slick pop each time out.

    Come hear Jerry’s stories of the road and wail on his tunes including, “All I Wanna Do”, “Down the Road”, “Coming Up Roses”, “Run Buddy Run”, and of course “Mama Let Him Play”.

    Friday Oct 7, 8pm SHOW

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    Saturday Oct 8, 8pm SHOW

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    Friday, Oct.14, 2016 | Doors 6pm | Music 7pm


    We first met Jim Nunally when he blew us away performing with the astounding JAYBIRDS band. Then we found out that this 2-time Grammy Award winner was also touring with Nell Robinson, who has been described as a “modern day Patsy Cline” and “one of the freshest voices in roots music.” Robinson’s 2014 release “The Rose of No-Man’s Land became a PBS Special with it’s own episode in the Music Gone Public series.  The abum, produced by Joe Henry, featured Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, Kris Kristofferson, John Doe and Maxine Hong Kingston.

    We did some more digging to find out that their band was a Who’s Who of the americana folk, roots and bluegrass scene:

    Jim Kerwin - considered simply one of the best string bass players in the country. He has played with David Grisman for over 30 years.

    Pete Grant – one of the most sought after steel players in the US, playing with the likes of Jerry Garcia, Jorma Kaukonen, Pat Simmons and the Grateful Dead.

    Jon Arkin - a versatile, gifted drummer/percussionist who is known for his performances & recorded work in a wide variety of musical contexts. Could his bluegrass groove have come from his father? Steve Arkin played banjo with Bill Monroe and His Bluegrass Boys!

    The Nell Robinson & Jim Nunally Band brings five genre-busting artists together to bring joyful music infused with folk, bluegrass, americana, roots, swing, jazz, and the blues. Alt-Roots, Folkbilly – whatever you call it – it’s original, well done, and a pleasure to hear.

    “We are excited about releasing a series of eclectic new works with a super talented band,” said Jim Nunally. “We pay homage to great artists like George Jones, Buck Owens, Tammy Wynette, while our original songs like ‘Mirror’ take folk music in an entirely new direction. We aren’t just following a path; we are paving a new one.

    Friday Oct 14, 7pm SHOW

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    SOULMEN- Tribute to The Blues Brothers

    Saturday, Oct.15, 2016 | Doors 6pm | Music 7pm


    Get ready to “Shake Your Tail Feathers”, here come the “SOULMEN”.
    They are going to hit the stage at the Blue Frog Theatre

    – one night only - SATURDAY OCTOBER 15.

    They’ll keep you spellbound as they sing, dance, and joke their way into your hearts. They’re “On A Mission From God” to entertain you with high energy, choreographed, song & dance routines. They got the moves, the sound, and the look (from the black Fedoras and Skinny Ties, to the authentic Ray Ban® sunglasses).

    Joining them is one of Canada’s Hottest 9 piece Rock & Roll bands “DOUBLE OVERTIME”, boasting a full 4-horn section just like in the movie. The Soulmen are a Soul, Rhythm and Blues, Rock & Roll, and Blues Brothers tribute act who perform live Super High Energy Song and Dance Routines consisting in part, of all the Signature Songs based on the original movie “THE BLUES BROTHERS” starring Dan Aykroyd & John Belushi.

    Hear the horns wail to the likes of Minni the Moocher, She Caught The Katy, and other Show Tunes. Watch Jake “as he grabs the whip” during the showstopper “Rawhide”. Bring your dancing shoes, as the band swings to the most popular Rock & Roll songs from the past. And oh yes, you’ll even hear a little Country (yep just like Bob’s Country Bunker – from the original movie).

    If you saw the movie, you’ll love this fun-packed tribute to Jake and Elwood Blues. “No M’am, they’re not Police Officers, they’re Musicians”

    Saturday Oct 15, 7pm SHOW

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    GUITAR TWINS: Diego El Twanguero & Paul Pigat

    Sunday, Oct.16, 2016 | Doors 6pm | Music 7pm


    When two rockabilly virtuosos come together from different sides of the world for one special night, magic is bound to happen. Join local master guitarist and singer/songwriter Paul Pigat (aka Cousin Harley) and Spanish finger picking sensation and pioneer of Western Swing and ragtime in Spain, Diego ‘El Twanguero’ Garcia for a mashup up of rockabilly, flamenco, country blues, tango, jazz, ragtime and more.

    Since meeting for the first time at the Zihuatanejo Guitar Festival in Mexico in 2013, Pigat & Garcia have become kindred musical spirits, joining each other on stage and delivering performances with a complex interplay that takes most duos decades to form. With their pure musicality, combined talent and energy they’ll keep your toes tapping all night long. 

    The combination of Diego and Paul promises to be the highlight of 2016. Don’t miss the magic of these two guitar virtuosos!

    “Hot enough to raise sweat on a chunk of granite!” ~Monday Magazine

    " ... El Twanguero is a journey into the heart of the music ... " ~Rolling Stone Magazine

    Sunday Oct 16, 7pm SHOW

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    Thursday, Oct.20, 2016 | Doors 6pm | Music 7pm

    Thursday, Oct.20, 2016 | Doors 845pm | Music 915pm



    The Big O was unmistakable with his trademark sunglasses, his distinctive, powerful voice, his complex compositions and the dark emotional ballads we all love. From 1960 to ’64 Roy Orbison landed 22 songs on the Billboard Top 40, including “Only The Lonely”, “Crying”, and “Oh, Pretty Woman”. His impassioned voice, bridging the gap between baritone and tenor, coupled with his signature arrangements ensured the charting of the hits “Dream Baby”, “Ooby Dooby”, “Blue Angel”, “Blue Bayou”, “You Got It” and “In Dreams”. Tragically, his life was cut short, leaving us only the music.

    And, long may the music live! THE LONELY delivers a sensitive and dynamic tribute to the one and only Roy Orbison. Veteran Mike Demers leads this group of musical journeymen in their mutual and deep appreciation of the timeless music of the Caruso of Rock. THE LONELY - A Tribute to ROY ORBISON approaches the music with a humble spirit and sincere desire to recreate the sounds and feel of the original recordings. The band has been selling out shows right from their debut.

    Tina Coldwell of TLC Entertainment says, “One of the best tributes I’ve seen and I’ve been in the biz for 22 years.” Be there or be square!



    Thursday Oct 20, 7pm SHOW - SOLD OUT

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    Thursday Oct 20, 915pm SHOW

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    DREAMS - Ultimate Tribute to Fleetwood Mac

    Friday, Oct.21, 2016 | Doors: 6pm | Show 7pm

    Friday, Oct.21, 2016 | Doors: 9pm | Show 930pm


    When you sit back and reminisce about 70's & 80's music, one of the top bands to grace the charts was Fleetwood Mac.

    DREAMS - the Ultimate tribute to Fleetwood Mac, is an authentic sounding, seven piece tribute to Fleetwood Mac. They perform in full costumes, similar to the actual styles worn by the original Fleetwood Mac. You will be taken back with all their favorite songs including Don’t Stop, Go Your Own Way, Landslide, Say You Love Me, The Chain and of course Dreams. The band of professional musicians from Vancouver BC, Canada, has played many shows over the last few years in casinos, theatres and corporate events, all around the world. Some of those places include Las Vegas, the Dominican Republic, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Regina, to name a few.

    You will be amazed at how close Dreams - Canada's tribute to Fleetwood Mac, looks and sounds like the original Fleetwood Mac. They take you back in time, so you can experience this amazing music all over again.

    Friday Oct 21, 7pm SHOW

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    Friday Oct 21, 930pm SHOW

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    Saturday, Oct.22, 2016 | Doors: 6pm | Music 7pm


    There are likely few Canadians who don’t know the voice of Shari Ulrich.  A long time friend of Blue Frog Studios, she is a two-time Juno award winner and BC Entertainment Hall of Fame Inductee, and a 2014 Canadian Folk Music Award for English Songwriter of the Year. Shari has been an unflagging fixture in Canadian music since the early 70’s.

    Originally a California girl, Shari's 40 year career from Pied Pumkin, through The Hometown Band, and on as a solo artist and multi-instrumentalist has lead to 23 albums – including her collaboration with UHF Bill Henderson and Roy Forbes in (UHF), Barney Bentall & Tom Taylor (BTU), and The High Bar Gang, a 7 piece bluegrass band with Barney Bentall & Colin Nairne.

    Shari’s soaring vocals are heard on hit songs such as “(Fear of) Flying”, “I’m Ready” and “She Remembers”. Shari will be joined for this special show at Blue Frog by her daughter Julia Graff, an accomplished musician, recording engineer and producer, on violin, mandolin, guitar, accordion and vocals; Kirby Barber on bass, and Dave Barber on banjo & guitar – both members of the High Bar Gang; and drummer Geoff Hicks.

    Join us in welcoming Shari and her band for another "Live from Blue Frog" series recorded concert.

    Saturday Oct 22, 7pm SHOW

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    Friday Oct.28 | Doors 7pm | Music 8pm

    Saturday Oct.29 | Doors 7pm | Music 8pm


    After spending nearly 40 years as founder/leader of the legendary Wolfe Tones (named after the 18th century Irish Revolutionary Theobald Wolfe Tone), Derek Warfield is revered as a singer, songwriter, historian and entertainer in all parts of the world where Irish roots have been put down. The Wolfe Tones enjoyed phenomenal success with 13 best-selling albums, 3 number one hits, many television appearances and shows in esteemed venues such as New York’s Carnegie Hall and The Royal Albert Hall in London.

    The legend of Derek Warfield continues with his band containing some of the finest musicians and singers in Irish music – The Young Wolfe Tones featuring:

  • Damaris Woods – Banjo
  • Peadar Hickey – Guitar & Vocals
  • Daniel O’Sullivan – Uileann Pipes & Vocals
  • Derek Warfield’s 50 years of experience coupled with the talent and energy of The Young Wolfe Tones brings the old tradition of Irish balladry into a new age. Young Wolfe Tones and their legendary leader were given a standing ovation, The Dublin Ohio Festival were delighted to have them … “they’re as good as it gets!”

    Friday Oct 28, 7pm SHOW

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    Saturday Oct 29, 7pm SHOW

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    Wednesday, Nov. 2nd, 2016 | Doors: 6pm | Music 7pm


    From her beginnings as an orphan in India, to celebrated International Recording Artist, Poet and Author, Bif Naked remains innovative, revolutionary, and inspiring. She churned her way through ever-increasingly hardcore bands Jungle Milk, Gorilla Gorilla, Chrome Dog and Dying To Be Violent to stardom as a solo Diva. Seamlessly flowing between many mediums of creative work, and so obviously enjoying an artistic existence, Naked has produced such notable tracks as "Moment of Weakness", "I Love Myself Today", "Tango Shoes", “Nothing Else Matters”, “We Are The Lucky Ones”, "Let Down" and “Spaceman” which made Canadian history with its #1 position on National charts, and #2 on Billboard's International Charts making it the highest-spun independent song in Canadian history.

    Known for her inimitable live shows, Naked has said, "Performance is my passion". I owe it to myself and my beautiful fans to keep evolving and pushing the boundaries." Her amazing ability to slide easily between her punk roots, rock, pop, alternative, and contemporary music are clearly visible on the Platinum-selling album "I,Bificus" as well as the "Gold albums Purge" and "Superbeautifulmonster".

    Introspective, powerful, and infectious, Bif Naked's legendary shows have kept her on tour from Russia to Central America, India to the U.K. and Europe to North America. Get your tickets early to avoid disappointment!

    For more about Bif Naked please visit:

    Wednesday Nov 2, 7pm SHOW

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    TRUE NORTH TROUBADOURS- the Music of Peter, Paul & Mary

    Thursday, Nov. 3rd, 2016 | Doors: 6pm | Music 7pm


    Leaving On A Jet Plane. Blowing in the Wind. Puff the Magic Dragon. Just some of the songs on the airways in the Sixties performed by the incomparable Folk music trio, Peter Paul and Mary.

    The True North Troubadours will take you back to the 1960's Folk revival with their tribute to Peter Paul and Mary. Along the way, TNT will perform other popular folk songs of that decade by artists such as Ian and Sylvia Tyson, Bob Dylan, Gordon Lightfoot, and others.

    Hailing from British Columbia, Canada, the trio consists of Joel Dietrich, and Wayne and Diane Rempel. No strangers to acoustic guitar interplay and tight vocal harmony, Joel and Wayne have performed the music of the Everly Brothers and Simon and Garfunkel for a number of years.

    The addition of Diane's warm vocals has led to the creation of the True North Troubadours. The trio is also supported by acoustic bassist Steve Labish who lays down the groove with authority and passion.

    They say if you can remember the Sixties, you weren't really there. Well, if your memory is hazy, let the True North Troubadours remind you by reliving some of the best Folk music ever created!


    Thursday Nov 3, 7PM SHOW

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    Steelin In The Years -The Music of Steely Dan

    Friday, Nov. 4th, 2016 | Doors: 6pm | Music 7pm

    Friday, Nov. 4th, 2016 | Doors: 9pm | Music 930pm


    Steely Dan is an American jazz-rock band founded by core members Walter Becker and Donald Fagen. The band's blended elements of jazz, rock, funk, R&B, and pop, and their 10 albums has resulted in multiple Grammy Awards and their induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

    STEELIN IN THE YEARS features some of Vancouver’s finest studio musicians paying tribute to the music of STEELY DAN with their hits like “Reelin in The Years”, “Josie”, “My Old School”, “Rikki Don’t Lose That Number”, and cult classics like the Aja and Gaucho albums. 

    Steelin in The Years perfectly recreates the Steely Dan sound with a who’s who of the Vancouver recording studio scene:

  • Billy Mendoza – Vocals
  • Debby Low – Vocals
  • Talia Butler Gray – Vocals
  • Andreas Schuld – Guitar
  • David Say – Saxophone
  • Bill Runge – Saxaphone
  • Geeta Das – Trumpet
  • Kerry Galloway – Bass
  • Phil Robertson – Drums
  • Get ready for a night of Steely Dan classics and some great musicianship!

    Friday Nov 4, 7PM SHOW

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    Friday Nov 4, 930PM SHOW

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    SWEET HOME CHICAGO – A CeleBration of Chicago Blues

    Saturday, Nov. 5th, 2016 | Doors: 6pm | Music 7pm


    Sweet Home Chicago is a Celebration of Chicago Blues, presented by Rob Montgomery. Featuring some of the finest Blues Artists coming together in an incredible synergistic performance, that together brings something extra special for a magical evening of Chicago Blues:

  • Murray Porter – (Juno Award Winning) Blues Piano Man
  • Al Wailin' Walker – Legendary Blues Guitarist/Vocalist (The Yale, Jerry Doucette and more)
  • Kirsten Nash – well known Sax/Vocalist (R&B All-Stars, Long John Baldry, Zappacosta, etc.)
  • Amanda Dean – a Soul Powerhouse originally from the U.K.
  • All backed by Bandleader/ Guitarist Rob Montgomery (Incognito, No Quarter, Ladies, Sing the Blues and more) along with his All-Star Band with Steve Werbicki (Keyboards) Dave Barton (Bass) and Doug Lechinsky (Drums).

    This show has been a huge success and has performed for Sold-out Crowds everywhere there are lovers of the Blues.

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